A professional iPhone repair service can help you keep your smartphone in great condition. Having paid quite a hefty amount for this smartphone, you need to make sure that it is protected and cared for properly. However, it is not unusual for any smartphone to develop some issues and problems, sometimes when you least expect it. You significantly reduce your productivity when your phone is not working properly, which is why you need a good and reliable iPhone repair company in case you need to have your iPhone repaired. Here are the most common iPhone problems that will need professional repair services.


Cracked screen


Although the iPhone mobile service has been designed with a special glass screen that cannot easily be broken or cracked. However, it can still get cracked or broken if the phone is dropped often or too hard. You will not be able to use it properly or not use it at all unless you have the phone checked and repaired. 


Battery replacement and  repair


A faulty battery can hinder your iPhone from working properly thus you will not be able to get the optimum performance from your phone. If you cannot fully charge your iPhone, then you should have the battery and phone checked by an iPhone screen repair service professional.


Water damage


Anybody can have the misfortune of dropping his iPhone in a swimming pool, toilet or bath. Once the water has seeped through, there is a chance that the phone will no longer work properly. If this happens, you  must bring your iPhone to your trusted iPhone repair company.


Faulty home button


Due to constant use, the home button may get stuck or damaged. However, the home button is a very important feature of the iPhone and any smartphone. You will experience difficulty controlling your phone unless you have it repaired.


Dock connector not working


If your iPhone's dock connector is not working properly, you will have difficulty charging your iPhone or may not be able to  charge it all. Have a professional iPhone repair technician look at it so he can diagnose and repair it in no time.



The iPhone is an electronic device with sophisticated features and can encounter problems and issues from time to time. You will need a reliable iPhone repair service center to take care of your phone and bring it back to its best condition. Remember that repairs on your iPhone should only be performed by an experienced iPhone technician.